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Owner Operator Jobs!!!

What makes a company a good company? As an owner-operator with over 12 years of experience on the road, and experience with over 7 companies, I have all the answers to your questions. As someone who started driving a truck very young, at the age of 24, and I knew absolutely nothing, which some people and some companies abused to my detriment, for the first company I worked for I drove for two weeks, I was not paid at all and from which I escaped as soon as possible, even though I had no money and I was not paid, I continued on in search for a good company that pays, and respects me. Thank God that I found some good people who were ready to help me and provide normal working conditions, for which I worked for 6 months as a truck driver.

After 6 months I bought my first truck and went to a company that I thought was "good", however like most owner operators when they start, they don't know much and again I found myself in a position where bad people stole from me and hid some information regarding loads and added hidden costs to my weekly statements that they charged. The worst nightmare for every owner-operator is that someone takes the money you earned with your hard work while away from family and friends. After many years, I realized that it is difficult to find a good company where people will be transparent and show all the costs and show respect for me,

I decided to open my own company and dedicate myself, my work ethic, and experience to owner-operators, where I can show everyone what is charged, what are costs and what is most important rate confirmations to be forwarded to every driver, because that is the right of every driver, to know exactly for how much is booked every load, minimal weekly costs and respect, and understanding of each individual because someone who has been on the road 12+ years and has experience dispatching 3+ years can understand you the best and give you respect you deserve! I also want to reward every owner-operator working for my company with only %10 of the total gross, which is industry minimal, as we all know some companies charge some ridiculous percentage that goes up to %30, which makes no sense at all.

Tihomir Tim Petkovic

Shield Carriers


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