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Owner-operator jobs with consistent work and pay at Shield Carriers

Owner-operator jobs can be a great opportunity for individuals who want to be their boss and have control over their earnings. However, finding consistent work and pay can be a challenge for many owner-operators. That's where Shield Carriers come in - a trucking company that offers owner-operators the opportunity for steady work and pay.

At Shield Carriers, owner-operators have access to a variety of freight options, including dry van, refrigerated, and flatbed loads. This diversity in freight options ensures that there is always work available, no matter the season or industry demand.

Additionally, Shield Carriers provides owner-operators with competitive pay rates that are based on mileage and experience. As an owner-operator, you can expect to earn a fair and consistent income, regardless of the type of load you are hauling.

But consistent work and pay aren't the only benefits of working with Shield Carriers. They also offer owner-operators access to a variety of resources and support services, including fuel discounts, insurance options, and a dedicated dispatch team.

One of the biggest advantages of working with Shield Carriers is their commitment to owner-operator satisfaction. They understand that happy and successful owner-operator is the key to their success, and they work hard to build strong relationships with their contractors.

To that end, Shield Carriers provides personalized attention and support to each owner-operator, ensuring their needs and concerns are met. This level of care and attention is what sets Shield Carriers apart from other trucking companies, and it's why they have such a loyal and dedicated team of owner-operators.

In conclusion, if you're an owner-operator looking for consistent work and pay, consider working with Shield Carriers. With a variety of freight options, competitive pay rates, and a commitment to owner-operator satisfaction, Shield Carriers is an excellent choice for anyone looking to build a successful career in trucking.

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